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What are Deck Challenges?

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What are Deck Challenges? Empty What are Deck Challenges?

Post by Koalaman108 on Sun Mar 31, 2013 10:15 pm

Hello all!. and welcome to my section of the forum.

This section is all about improving YOUR deck building, but in a different way. Instead of letting you tinker with what you want, I will decide what kind of deck you will be building. This will help you in many, many ways. It will, of course, improve your ability to build your own deck, as you will learn new strategies, deck synergy, deck flow, and moreover, it will allow you to understand the decks of other people much better (even during a duel).

Now, "how will this work?" you are probably asking,
Well I'm going to tell you.
I will post a deck challenge topic, in which I will detail what the specifics of the deck. This includes what kind of deck it is, what it is trying to achieve, and what cards are to be or not to be used (for example, in an Ojama deck, I might say that you must use Ojama Delta Hurricane but must not use Gravity Bind/Level Limit Area B).


Once a certain time has passed, which I will state in the topic in question, I will judge all the decks, both on their own and comparatively, and decide on a winner. If I cannot decide between 2 participants, I may ask them to either both duel me separately, or duel each-other, depending on the decktype (so that they cant abuse the other person's cards for themselves, for example.

Winners will receive forum cash, which in the future will be used to attain graphics and decks. It will also allow you to say, "Hey! I built the best deck in this here deck challenge.".

I believe that is all.

Good luck, and as you always should, HAVE FUN!
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