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Post by Ralph Knight on Wed Jul 03, 2013 12:55 am

Chapter 1 the new Kid

Mr. Pent said “Today we have a new student his name is Alex Knight. The new kid has dark black hair that covers his scar in his left eye he wore a plain black shirt and rip pants which was dark gray. He has a New York style book bag on his back. Mr. Pent said to Alex” You can say something? Alex said” Hello nice to meet you all. The other students don’t care but 3’Th year’s students Moka and her friends Mizore, Yuki, Kurumu and Tsukune do. The other students didn’t care until Moka stood up and said” Hello and welcome to Yokai Academy”, Yuki also stood up and said” Welcome”, Kurumu stood and jumped on Alex and said” Hello Alex you have awesome hair”. Finally Mizore said” Umm hi and welcome to the school”. The school bells ring all the student to the café and Mr. Pent said” when you come back I have big news to tell you.

                                        (In the café)

When Alex got his lunch he was afraid to sit with the others so once he saw a dark room he went into it, locked the door and star eating his lunch alone. Moka and her friends was eating their lunch until Kurumu said” Who is this Alex Kid” Everyone was talking about it except Mizore. Moka said” Hey Mizore you know Alex”? Mizore stood up and said” Yes I do he was my childhood friend before I came here”. Moka Got up and left the table, and searched for Alex.

                                  (In The Dark Room)

 After Alex was done eating his lunch he took out a picture of him and Mizore playing when they were 11 year old. Moka saw the dark room she knock on the door. Alex put the picture away and opened the door for Moka. Moka asked Alex” Hey Alex what are you doing here by yourself”? Alex answered” I have no friends and I did not see my Childhood friend anywhere. Moka Said” Your childhood friend? It that Mizore “Alex Said” Yes it is”. Moka said” Close your eyes”. Alex closed his eyes and Moka closed the door. 

                           (Back at the table)

Moka took Alex to their table and when Alex reached the tables Mizore Stood up, Ran to Alex give him a big hug and said” I missed you so much” Alex said” Same here” to Mizore. Alex handed Mizore a gift Mizore said” Alex you shouldn’t have” She blushed. Alex said” Open it you’ll like it”. Mizore opened her gift it was a necklace with a picture of them two when they were 11 years olds. Mizore said” Awe Thank you Alex”. Alex said” your welcome. Moka said this to Alex” umm Alex who are you”? Alex’s Answer was” I am an Ice Werewolf a Speed type Monster with good attack skills”.

Moka ended with a well this is going to be a good year for everyone here, even for Alex

Every one leave the café everyone went back to Mr. Pent class to find out what Mr. Pent Had to tell everyone.


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Rosario+Vampire Cap 3 Empty Re: Rosario+Vampire Cap 3

Post by climax6969 on Tue Jul 16, 2013 3:46 pm

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