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Post by Ryze on Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:54 pm

You may stumble in here, after just receiving an invitation and a link, and immediately dismiss this place, thinking: "Pfft, just another Academy."

But we have something here that you won't find at many other academies. Something you possibly sorely need, if you have been invited here. Something we carry here in spades. We have the desire to teach you, and as far as we are concerned, if we failed to do that, we've failed you.

I've been there. I started this game, came to the DN, thinking...no, knowing it was going to be fun. I remember my first match with a stranger on the DN. I was brutally defeated by an Alien deck. With my favorite deck, Blackwings, no less. I would spend the next several months, wandering, making horrible decks and wondering why I could almost never win.

But then I found a mentor. I won't mention her name, because she never comes to the dueling network anymore, but I found her, completely by chance, and she showed me where I was going wrong. For one, Putting one of every card in my deck was a huge mistake (please try not to laugh XD) Thanks to her, I finally got on everyone's wavelength in this game. No more, were the 5 to 6 defeats in a row, or was the word "Noob" slung in my direction.

I suppose the point I'm trying to make is, I don't like the idea of you guys, who are either new or just coming back into the game, wandering around with nobody to teach you. We want you to become the best duelists you can be, even if that means forgetting every preconceived notion you have picked up so far.

So what we offer is not only a place to hang out with other people who duel. Or a place to miserably fail a dorm test, and be branded as "That guy who sucks at the game". What we offer is a place to learn. You get back what you put in though, so work hard on your part, and we will on ours.

Good luck, young duelists!

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