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Post by Sora on Wed Mar 06, 2013 6:02 pm

The Dorm System is a ladder that everyone who joins this forum can climb. All members begin at the first dorm "Hall of Drake", and must complete a prerequisite and a test to move into the next dorm, this goes for all dorms. Each member of the forum can take a test into the next dorm once every five days. In order to keep track of your progress you will be asked to create a Dorm in the "Hall of Drake" forum, this dorm will serve as a place to request tests and post your progress. In order to even get tested into the next dorm you must ask a member of staff, that means Dragon Summoner and higher to test you, upon which they will review completion of your prerequisites and either accept or decline your request. Below is a more in-depth explanation, to better assist you in the process of moving up in dorms.

1. My Room: This is your own "room" for all intensive purposes. You will write a short introduction to your dorm and from there on you will post proof of the completion of prerequisites. This room is movable, that means that once you have passed on to the next dorm a member of staff will move your room to that dorm. Below is an example of what your room should look like.


Your room's name doesn't have to be "My room" it can be as creative as you like as long as you post any proof that you've completed prerequisites in it. In order to test you will need the proof I mentioned in the last sentence and the preferred way of posting these proofs is via links to other topics on the forums, for example: If the prerequisite is to have 5 posts on the forum, then link to 5 topics where you posted something that actually has content. If the prerequisite is to have 5 wins in the Dragon Stadium, then post a link to your win thread.

2. Prerequisites: In order to take your test you must complete certain prerequisites that each dorm will have. All dorms will have unique prerequisites and they must be completed before you can request an exam, the prerequisites will be posted in said dorm as a sticky topic. In order to prove that you have completed them you must provide links to other topics on the forum where you have met a prerequisite to your room, there is a brief explanation on how that works above.

3. Requesting an Exam: Once your prerequisites are completed you can ask a member of staff whether it be a Dragon Summoner, Dragon Rider, or Dragon Slayer, to test you. This can be done via PM on the forum, message on the chat box, PM on Dueling Network, or even IM on DevPro, hell I don't care if you email a member of staff to his or her personal email as long as there is written proof of the request. Once this is done the member of staff you requested a test from will look over your prerequisites and decide whether they are complete or not, upon deciding they will contact you in the fastest way possible and alert you of their decision, if they accept your request and decide to test you you must complete the task posted in the forum on a sticky topic in your current dorm labelled "(Insert Dorm name here) Test." the staff member will then decide whether or not you pass based on how well you perform.

4. Moving to the next Dorm: Once you pass your test you'll have your dorm moved up to the next dorm up and you can begin work on the prerequisites for that dorm. Simple really.

5. The Wait: There is a wait for testing, in other words you can only test once every 5 days, the reason for this is so that you won't just speed all the way up the ladder, after all we all get lucky sometimes and might just advance without learning anything, and if you don't truly deserve to be at your dorm, you don't want to be there. So take your 5 day periods and practice and learn the lessons that will be posted in your dorm before testing so that you will improve and become the best duelist you can.

That's all on that guys, good luck in your endeavors to become the best duelist you can be and have a good time while you're at it.

Sincerely, Sora.

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