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Post by Ryze on Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:08 pm

Traps are usually the most effective way to knock down your opponent and keep him or her knocked down in the game. They disrupt and counter, putting a stop to plays. Getting over backrow can sometimes be a big problem. Especially when you don't have any resouces in your hand made specifically for clearing backrow. So basically, you're inevitably going to spring one of the two or three plus facedowns they control in their backrow. I garuntee you, this will happen sometimes, even to decks that eat backrow for breakfast. You might not draw the cards you need, you might have started with a very bad hand, whatever. The point is, this situation is bound to happen to you at some point in your dueling career. What we are here to discuss, is how to deal with these situations.

What to expect:

Since we have fully established metas, and tiers, is it possible that we can actually predict what kind of traps there will likely be facedown under your opponent's control(Simply because of the fact that they are staples, and you will most likely be running them too)

Bottomless Trap Hole: Back when Solemn Warning was still Semi-Limited, a game mechanic call "Priority" was taken out of the game, which meant that monsters with ignition effects could no longer activate those effects in response to their own summon. After this happened, people began to run this card more, considering it was now just as useful as solemn warning when it came to disrupting ploys for frontrow presence.

Solemn Warning: Since this card was limited, do not expect it as often as with past formats. Just because it is limited does NOT mean it is not run anymore, or that you shouldn't run it.

Solemn Judgment: Solemn Judgment is pretty much the most powerful Counter trap(if not just most powerful "Trap", period) in the game. It stops any and everything, except for monster effects for practically nothing. (Ok, let me rephrase that. Practically nothing if they have very little lp left and it's late game.)

Compulsary Evacuation Device: People run this card to deal with cards like Stardust Dragon, that can't really be stopped by cards like Bottomless Trap Hole, or to deal with other extradeck monsters. By waiting until you summon an Xyz or Synchro monster, they ensure that no matter how the situation goes down, you just minused yourself, because they'll bounce it right back to your extradeck. It's also important to note that Compulsary Evac Device can be used on themselves, to save a valuable monster they control and can easily get back out. Be wary when targeting a monster for destruction.

Mirror Force: This card is one you should really look out for. It can turn the tide of any duel instantly, and is an instant minus to you.

Fiendish Chain: This card is the Spell Binding Circle's bigger, badder brother. Not only do you lose a beater, you lose it's abilities too. Be mindful of these.

Torrential Tribute: This is a dangerous one. It's free, and all it takes to trip this trap is one summon. If you don't have a way to negate it, you may find yourself suddenly on the defensive.

What to do:

If you've got your back to wall with a nearly full enemy baackrow and no way to clear it in your hand, then there's only one logical thing to do. Spring the traps! Basically, baiting. Baiting is the act of giving up resources you don't really need in order to get your opponent to activate a trap that could disrupt your combo early. Here's an example.

Player A controls one Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and has three cards in his hand. Player B controls three facedown cards, and no cards in their hand. Player A has a Black Luster Soldier- Envoy of the Beggining in his hand and predicts that one of the facedown cards is a monster destroying trap. He tribute summons a lightpulsar dragon in his hand using the Ryko as a tribute. The opponent activates a Bottomless Trap Hole.

Now here's where things get interesting. Circumstances will not always dictate that the resouces you throw away to bait a trap will be lost to that trap.

Player A chains a forbidden lance in his hand to the bottomless trap hole. Lightpulsar Dragon survives, and the opponent has wasted one of his traps.

The thing to remember about baiting is to never use invaluable resouces to bait a trap. You wouldn't use the monster pivotal to your victory to sniff out a Solemn Warning, Judgement, or Bottomless Trap Hole.


Although this does not really have all that much to do with baiting, I think this is worth mentioning. Bluffing is a technique used by duelists to psychologically disrupt your opponent. Basically, you set ordinary spells, or traps that wouldn't be able to disrupt a play of your opponent's (Like Call of the Haunted, or an Icarus Attack that has nothing you could tribute for it's cost). This will make your opponent think he now has backrow to get over. He might even waste resources clearing them, like a Heavy Storm, or MST. He might even not attack if he seriously thinks one of them might be a mirror force. Either way, bluffing is a technique I recommend trying when you are in dire situations that might call for a bluff or two. (However, the same rule applies for baiting, DO NOT use very valuable resources to bluff unless you have to. Also, keep in mind that your opponent can look in your graveyard to see what traps you have already used. If there are Two Mirror Forces in there, he definitely won't be afraid of attacking in to that.)

Last edited by Sora on Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:09 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : He wrote "optional trigger effects," when he meant "ignition effects")

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