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Tiamat's Wisdom: Field Opening and Combos

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Tiamat's Wisdom: Field Opening and Combos

Post by Claire Farron on Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:26 am

Welcome to Tiamat's Field Opening and Combos lesson.

What is Field Opening and why it is important?
What's the thing that everyone has to do to begin a duel on DN or DevPro?

.....turn on DN or DevPro.....jk

its rock paper scissors, and u get to choose to start 1st or 2nd if u win.

now, why is being the first or second to go so important?

Being first to go means you get to draw and make your plays first, you cannot attack during the first turn of the duels.

Many beginners don't realize how much advantage this gives the player, and i, for one, used to always choose 2nd, as it gets to attack first. But that was during the old days when it wasn't that trap heavy.

In current meta game plays, with all the traps laying around, one would most definitely have some forms of protections or negations to prevent the destruction of one's own monsters and loss of advantage.
And having field presence, whether monsters or traps and spells, are advantages that is essential to winning a game

This is the reason who goes first sometimes means the difference between win and lose.

for instance, if you go first, your opponent would have no traps facedown, and your monster would be successfully summoned.

However, if you went 2nd, and your opponent have set facedown traps and spells, chances are they have something to deal with your plays.

Going first, with good opening, is a key element to victory.

Of course, you won't always win that rock paper scissors, so there are times you would definitely go 2nd, and im here to tell you how to set up whether you're going first or second!

Going First?

Congrats, with proper opening, whether how your hand is, you can always apply some pressure onto your opponent.

here are some key points in first turn opening.

1. Set up everything you need:
since the amount of negation and prevention is minimal during this turn, you'd want to set up things your deck needs during this turn, whether it be monster presence, spell trap prescence, grave or banish prescence, this turn is the turn to do them.

2. Setting up doesn't mean go explosive:
While you are very free in ur first turn, you still don't know what your playing against yet.

and having set up your field doesnt mean you can go all explosive and use up all your resources.

while you might have the advantage this turn, it's still a possibility that your opponents might have outs to them.

If you uses up all your cards, and ends up being countered, you'd have no hand advantage next turn to bring the situation back under your control.

hand advantage is the key, and always save a backup plan

3. have protection/negation
basically protection and negation are both protecting in general, wrecking opponent's play and keeping yours live is what yugioh is all about.

protection and negation comes in many forms today, spell traps, monster effects on field, in hand, in grave etc. and having as much of them means more chances your monsters will stay alive or your plays would go through next turn.

and here is one slick tip, even if you don't have or only have one spell trap protections, it is smart to set one or two "fakes" to apply pressure to your opponents in order to draw a response from them.

For example, mst is most often set along with some protection trap cards, so that opponent would have a 50% chance of msting the mst, instead of the trap you want, which can be better than if you only set the trap, and have it mst'd and have no ways to stopping your opponent.

With all the above points into considerations when making your first plays, you should have a easier start than your opponents.

I'm going SECOND!! OH NO what do i do?

Dont' panic, its not the end of the world.

your opponent might not have read this lesson, and opened terribly, you'd have no problem wrecking his field ^^

however, if you're facing a perfect field, with at least 2 set traps and spells,and some monsters on field. here's some things you should do according to the priority i place them here.

1. get rid of the threats immediately:
note here it doesnt limit to only set spells and traps, if one monster is capable of negating you'r plays and cause threats, it would be best to get rid of them as well.

this is the reason why msts and heavy is almost a must in every deck now, having one's plays wrecked would often cost one a game and those traps and spells and monsters are to blame!

one tip to both plays going first and 2nd, from my years of experience, if one has two cards face down on field, most likely the second one would be the real trap, and the first one would be a fake. This is what ive noticed in the years and could be different from duelist to duelist

if they're both real then at least u've hit one, but if you can understand how your opponent play, you can hit where it hurts, and avoid the mst to hit the trap that can hurt you.

2. build field presence
field presence is always the key, even if your going 2nd, building up your field with powerful monster and protective spells and traps is the way to go for the entire duel, and if you can build ur presence successfully through your opponent's defences, the game would swing your way.

3. destroy opponent's field however possible
after your monsters are out, YOU CAN ATTACK!!
kill all their monsters if you're certain nothing can get in your way.
one monster alive means one resource for them to reuse after.
kill all of them when possible.
of course if you think there's a mirror force, dont do it!

the procedures for going 2nd is always the same for everything 2nd turn and so on, for this is how to maintain advantage and win in yugioh!

well that concludes this lesson, hope you guys enjoyed it, and i'll see you next lesson ^^

-flaps wings-


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