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Way of the Dragon Man

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Way of the Dragon Man

Post by Jeffrey the Turtle on Sat Mar 09, 2013 6:21 am

So, we're gunna learn how to play around monster effects, not sure why he didn't just combined this with the playing around backrow lesson but, hey, he's the boss.

I guess the best way to teach this is to list off some commonly played monsters with effects that will hinder you so I can tell you how to play around them and cards similar.

Thunder King Rai-Oh
Thunder King Rai-Oh can single handedly f*** over decks. The best way to get rid of him is 1 for 1 removal or to force them to use his effect to negate inherent special summons. If you do inherently special summon a monster strong enough to destroy Thunder King by battle and they do not negate it, it's safe to say they have some nasty backrow or an honest in hand.

Legendary Six Samurai-Shi En
Shi En can be a real b****, but, just play smart and you might just take him out. The easiest way to take out Shi En is to just hoard all your resources until you can take him out but, pay attention to his 2nd effect, you don't want to waste your resources on trying to take out Shi En because you forgot about his 2nd effect. You may minus yourself a crap-ton but, Samurai don't really have much recovery, you stop their major push and you win 90% of the time.

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
He blows shizz up which can be pretty annoying. Depending what deck you're playing against and what deck you're playing he can be taken card of with simple removal but, for most decks that isn't the case. 80% of the time people will destroy backrow with Ryko's effect so that their plays they plan on preforming next turn will go off so, I suggest summoning a low-medium threat level monster and a useless spell/trap like a dead mst or something and attacking into the Ryko. Odds are they'll pop the bluff backrow you set, you can then set your actual backrow Main Phase 2 and feel safe.

Annoying monsters that can't be destroyed by battle
Like similar to taking care of Ryko, not many decks have the luxury to waste removal on annoying cards like Spirit Reaper and Marshmallon so you have to get somewhat creative. Any deck that can bring out rank 4's should most definitely run Photon Papiloperative, it's a very easy to access answer to cards like this, it also gives free shots at the life points if your opponent has a big monster blocking you from attack them directly seeing how most monster that can't be destroyed by battle have low attack.

Archlord Kristya
Similar to Thunder King Rai Oh, this card can completely steal games on their own depending on the deck. There is really no way what-so-ever to get rid of Kristya except for removal and some sort of tricky tribute summoning you somehow magically pulled off to beat over it or something. One MAJOR weakness and strength to Kristya is that she returns to the top of the deck instead of being sent to the grave. That effect can make all the efforts and resources you put into taking her out completely worthless but, it can also be a saving grace by making them top-deck a completely dead card.

Herald of Orange Light (Sora requested I put this one in)
Herald can be a real trollsy card. You'll be thinking to yourself "they got no backrow, I'm good, I can win this," then you say aloud "I activate the effect of my Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!" and then your opponent is like "Herald of Orange Light," and they proceed to destroy you next turn. The first step to playing around Herald of Orange Light and any hand trap is knowing if they have it. Herald of Orange Light is easier to predict then most other hand traps for the simple fact that you HAVE to discard a second card for orange light so, if for some reason your opponent seems to be clinging to 2 cards in hand, they might have it. Reading opponents is just something you'll learn to do after a while, it's the main reason there is that group of people at the large Konami events that always top. Once you know they have and Orange Light you have to bait it out. The best way to bait out Orange Herald is making it seem like you are in a desperate situation or that the play you're about to make to bait it out is the only one you got because, they'll think that if they negate this you'll be completely open and they can easily finish you off but, you won't be!

Light and Darkness Dragon (my favourite dragon)
I hate revealing the secret to destroying my favourite dragon but, you got to do what you got to do. Ladd can be a real hassle, it having 4 negates and all. The goal of using Ladd is to make your opponent minus themselves but-loads to get rid of this guy so, you got to take him out as efficiently as possible because he'll also be special summoning a monster from the grave when he dies. The secret to doing so is using chains! Ladd can only negate once in a chain and it's a mandatory negate so, you can activate some useless card/effect you don't care about like a dead mst then, chain a card to take out Ladd to Ladd negating your first useless effect you didn't care about. Since it's a little complicated I'll give an example, Ladd attacks you, you chain mst to the attack, Ladd has to negate, you chain Mirror Force to Ladd negating. At that point in time Ladd cannot negate again because Ladd already negated once in that chain. One more thing. Even if Ladd is out of negates, Ladd will still activate and attempt to negate so, you or your opponent could do some tricky stuff involving chains and Ladd to prevent you from activating things due to game mechanics.

I could go on and on about Ladd but, I'll stop here.

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Jeffrey the Turtle
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