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Post by Jeffrey the Turtle on Thu Mar 07, 2013 4:12 pm

I was asked to make a lesson on side decking because, Sora isn't smart enough to do it so, lets get this show on the road.

Why side deck?
Side decking is good because, it helps your deck cope with bad match-ups and can give you a better chance of winning even against decks you have good match-ups by, taking out the cards that aren't that great against the deck and putting in ones that are good from the side deck.

What do I put in my side deck?
Well, there are 4 things you will want to think of when making your side deck.
-What is the meta?
-How will this affect my deck by putting it in?
-What are my bad match-ups?
-How diversely can this card be used?
-How many people do I know that play Dark Worlds?

After you've asked yourself these questions and answered them, you can start building your side deck.

Dark Worlds
Now let me get this out of the way, the Dark World thing was kinda a joke but is actually somewhat true. There is not a deck off the top of my head that has a good match-up with Dark Worlds, they'll completely destroy you game 1, you need to side in your hate and beat them games 2 and 3.
Things like Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror and D.D Crow usually help a lot, Gemini Imps wouldn't hurt either, they go down pretty easy post siding.

How will it affect you as well
Before putting any cards in your side deck, think about how they will affect your deck as well, putting skill drain in your side deck when you use a deck that relies heavily on monster effects activating on the field is counter productive. That example may seem like common sense and a little over the top because, it kinda is, but it gets the point across in an easy to understand way.

Siding for Meta
Siding for the Meta is always important because, they are the most played decks and usually the most powerful and able to handle a large variety of decks inherently or OTK very easily. Unless you're playing one of the few decks that have a good match-up with them you're probably going to have to rely on siding games 2 and 3 but, even if you do have a good match-up with them, never hurts to side.

Siding for bad match-ups
Siding for bad match-ups is usually very important because, without that side deck you have little to no chance of beating them. Decks like Dino Rabbits have a bad Match-up against Elemental Heros because Heros have many main decked outs to many of there plays by coincidence so, Dino Rabbit players have to side games 2 and 3 if they want any chance of winning. I can't go into much detail here because all decks are different so, you'll have to know what your deck can and can't do for this section of siding and figure it out yourself.

Diverse card usage
Since your side deck is only allowed to have 15 cards in it, it's a good idea to try and put in cards that can be used against many decks instead of just one. Things like Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror work on all decks that use a large amount of dark monsters like, Dark Worlds, Inzektors, Evilswarms and list goes on. Unless it's a card that you're siding because you have a horrible match-up against a certain deck, I suggest only putting cards in that can be used in many different ways.


Types of cards to side
There are two types of cards to side, cards that hinder your opponent and cards that stop your opponent from hindering you and depending on what deck you're playing, you'll want to side in more of one kind then the other.

-Cards that hinder your opponent
Decks that very control based of trap heavy will usually side more of these then cards that stop them from hindering you, for example, T.G.s, Gravekeepers, Gladiator Beasts.
-Cards that stop your opponent from hindering you
More spammy decks like Six Sams and Hieratics will side cards like this because, they have combos they want to get off and if they do go off they probably win.

So, depending on what deck you're running, you'll want to think about this.


Counter siding
As well as siding in cards to help you win against your opponent by stunning them or to stop them from stunning you, you should also side in cards that will counter the cards you know they'll side in against you.
For example
-In Dark Worlds, Inzektors and decks that have large amounts of dark monsters that need effects to activate, you can be pretty sure your opponent will side in Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror on you so, you can side in Royal Decrees.
-Lets take this a step further, lets pretend you're now the guy facing Dark Worlds, you know he'll side in Royal Decree to negate the effects of your Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror so, you side in your extra Mystical Space Typhoons or Dust Tornados to destroy his Royal Decrees before he can use them!

You see what I'm getting at here?


What cards do I actually side in and out?
Well, you'll want to side out any cards that won't help you and side in and cards that will so, side out your Mystical Space Typhoons and side in Light-Imprisoning Mirrors against Lightsworn, pretty simple once you get the hang of it. It also doesn't hurt if you do some research on decks, that way you know how they're played and what to side in against them.

Not enough space!
Now, some decks have a problem were there are very very few cards they can side out because they need almost their whole deck but, there is a solution for this.
Not too long ago I met a man who's favourite deck was Junk Doppel and he liked to play it competitively. The problem with Junk Dopple was that There was 2 maybe 3 cards he could side in and out because he needed the entire deck to stay intact so, he came up with a very brilliant idea.
He made his 40 card deck but, then he threw in 3 Upstart Goblin. It's like he still has only 40 cards in his deck but, he has 3 extra spots for siding in and out, brilliant!


That's really all there is to siding when speaking generally about all decks and it was really easy too! Sora must be real dumb if he needed me to do this for him. I might edit in some new stuff if I think of anything new, I'll make a reply to this saying I did if I do.

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