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The name is Goki Empty The name is Goki

Post by Goki on Mon Jul 08, 2013 8:12 pm

I am Goki, also known as -Gokison30-
I am a fellow duelist who is actually not bad.

I duel all the time; real or dueling network using a man-made deck I made myself. I beat my cousins all the time. From Yugioh to zexal, I watched the entire series. My favorite generation, 5d's for many reasons.

Mostly Yusei/akiza is the main reason.

If anyone is on the other network, challenge me if you want. Connection might die in the middle of the duel; if that does happen my apologies.

Profile name: -Gokison30-

Please no one make fun of my deck or my skills and please don't underestimate my deck. I respect my deck a lot. I am 19, trying to figure out what to do with my life. I was quite a trouble student back then in high school; never caused trouble but was always in trouble. The trouble I was in was that I was always pick on for my head which actually is huge. I was quite the popular kid back then, I was part a group of friends (the kind of group which would make everybody jealous that they would want to be part of it. ). I'm quite a tall person, now 6' 6''. I never have a problem with anything, I like everything and I'm never mean. What I like to do most of my time is duel, talk with friends, watch a lot of movies and tv shows, draw and write stories, read manga and comics, and play video games. I play a lot of games, in the basic platforming/racing, fighting, and other genres. Racing as in Sonic the hedgechog, Fighting as in Dragon ball z, Soul calibur 2, mortal kombat, and other games. Other genres, included Grand theft auto, or DDR, or movie games. I train at the gym a lot, about 4-5 times a week with tough workout routines. Other kinds of fandom related stuff that I am into, are anime ships but also different shows ship. I like to listen to three kinds of music, Love songs, good beats, and imagine songs. Rap, heavy metal, and rock all make me malfunction, I just don't like them. I do like to workout all the time; which I'll return too once I get another month paid for the gym.

I now have an xbox 360 which I like to play a lot.

I had quite a lot of surgeries and hospital visits back then when I was very young till last year. These past few moments haven't been so rough. The hospital was awesome and well that was the only reason.

Now I started playing yugioh back in elementary, I wasn't that good back then. All I had was the basic Kaiba deck; but as over the years pass I gotten better with a much stronger deck.

I always respect my opponent's in any game, no matter anything about them or if I win or loss.

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