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Whuffo' we does this ****

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Whuffo' we does this ****

Post by Ryze on Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:25 pm

You's may stumble in here, afta' plum receivin' an invitashun and some link, and immediately dismiss dis place, dinkin', dig dis: "Pfft, plum anoda' Academy. Slap mah fro!"

But we gots sump'n here dat ya' won't find at many oda' academies. Sump'n ya' possibly so'ely need, if ya' gots been invited here. Sump'n we carry here in spades. We gots de desire t'teach ya', and as far as we is concerned, if we failed t'do dat, we've failed ya'.

I've been dere. ah' started dis game, came t'de DN, dinkin'...no, knowin' it wuz goin' t'be fun. 'S coo', bro. ah' rememba' my fust match wid some stranga' on de DN. ah' wuz brutally defeated by an Alien deck. Ya' know? Wid mah' favo'ite deck, Blackwin's, no less. ah' would spend da damn next several monds, wanderin', makin' ho'rible decks and wonderin' why ah' could mos' neva' win. 'S coo', bro.

But den ah' found some mento'. ah' won't menshun ha' dojigger, cuz' she neva' comes t'de duelin' netwo'k no mo', but ah' found her, completely by chance, and she showed me where ah' wuz goin' wrong. What it is, Mama! Fo' one, Puttin' one uh every card in mah' deck wuz some huge missnatch (please try not t'laugh XD) Danks t'her, ah' finally gots on everyone's wavelengd in dis game. No mo'e, wuz de 5 t'6 defeats in some row, o' wuz de wo'd "Noob" slung in mah' direcshun.

I suppose da damn point I'm tryin' t'make is, ah' duzn't likes de idea uh ya' dudes, who is eida' new o' plum comin' back into de game, wanderin' around wid nobody t'teach ya'. We wants' ya' t'become da damn best duelists ya' kin be, even if dat means fo'gettin' every preconceived noshun ya' gots picked down so's far. Ah be baaad...

So's whut we offa' ain't only some place t'hang out wid oda' sucka's who duel. Or some place t'miserably fail some do'm test, and be branded as "Dat dude who sucks at da damn game". Whut we offa' is some place t'learn. 'S coo', bro. You's dig back whut ya' put in dough, so's wo'k hard on yo' part, and we gots'ta on ours.

Good luck, yung duelists! Right on!

(Happy Late April Fools Day!!! Very Happy )


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Re: Whuffo' we does this ****

Post by Jeffrey the Turtle on Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:35 pm

Roxas wrote:We gots de desire t'teach ya', and as far as we is concerned, if we failed t'do dat, we've failed ya'.

I got the desire to teach you proper grammar. Also how long did it take you to write everything like that?

Jeffrey the Turtle
Jeffrey the Turtle
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Re: Whuffo' we does this ****

Post by Sora on Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:39 am

I can't even make out what half of this is lolol

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Re: Whuffo' we does this ****

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