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Post by Blazex12 on Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:37 pm

Dragon Slayers

By Blazex12


Ken Uzumaki parted vines hanging infront of him, giving way to the beautiful view over the mountain rise. Ery mists blossomed faint rainbows with the soft background noise of the land's native birds and forest animals echoing. The hike had taken up a great deal of time, one week in fact! But that was beside the point, what mattered is that he was far more closer to the magical transitioning device the great elders had placed many years ago.

Originaly, these teleporter-like machines were to help villagers travel amongst lands. But in the time of the great war between Humanity and Dragons, they had been used as safe ways to escape and providing an easy way to ambush the beasts. But that was more than 5,000 years ago! Now, everything was different, Humans and Dragons have co-existed in harmony for as long as Ken could remember, his original care-taker was a Dragon.

Yet, among all the changes, some things are harder to change than others. Like Humans, Dragons sucome to greed and bloodlust. Over the years back in Ken's village of Uzumaki, he had rumors of a secret crime syndicate troubling the regions economy. Yet Ken wasn't troubled. He patted the hilt of his blade, sheated on his side, feeling the pure iron and diamond oranmints pertruding from the handle.

Speacially made, just for him. Forged from Dragon's breath by his caretaker before sending him out into the world, lucky him.


Ken's eyes reacted, opening up to take in more view of the sound's origin. Qucikly unsheathing his blade and drawing it infront of him. He snapped his head among the dark shadows casted by trees and thick shrubery like a mad man! But with good reason. Wolves were known to patrol these forests, a look at Ken's red and purple forearm would prove just that.

"Show yourself!" Ken growled, his heart pumping vividly, "I'm not afraid of you!"

"SQUAK!" a crackled voice broke through, followed by hundreds of birds rushing out the trees. Something had spooked them, something was coming. Ken tightened his grip on the sword, he might have been untrained in it's fighting style, but he could still swing it hard enough to kill.

"I said show yourself!" Ken repeated, his voice echoing and bouncing among the thick forest. He peered over the steep fall next to him, this mountain was high, one mistep and Ken was a deadman.

"Hahahaha." Evil mythical laughter resinated, piercing Ken's heart like knifes.

He imediatly stiffened, heart rate rising by the seconds, sweat starting to form droplets on his face. The deep voice, it was unexplainable, the only voices deep enough to sound like that would be an old human machine..... or..... a Dragon!

Just than, an orange shadow spun from the shrubery ahead of him. Spiraling and contracting aorund ken to form walls. He was traped! "Whats going on!?" he demanded.

No reply, only the same demonic laughter.

In raw fear, Ken forgot he was holding a sword, that was until now. He raised the blade and let it dance in what little light it was getting through the Dragon's body wall, before sinking it far below it's skin! Only, it didn't break through.

"Foolish child! You dare strike me with such a weak weapon! You dare make a mockery of me!" the Dragon cried in clear anger.

Ken gulped and sunk to his knees as a massive tail slashed over him, barely escaping it's mighty vice. "I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!" Ken begged.

Laughter once again sent his body cold despite the unbelivable heat today. "Child! Death is the least of your worries! What I'm about to do to you will leave you crying for Death!" the beast laughed, it's massive head coming into view.

Two large whiskers hanged from it's long snout, bearing a few dagger shaped teeth along it's closed line. Ken only imagined how many teeth this beast had, it would only take one to kill him! Red eyes glowed, nostrils flared smoke, and an evil smile spread about the Dragon's smug face.

"W-w-why?" Ken stuttered out of fear, "What did I do to you to make you so angry?"

"HA! Look at you! Already cowering in fear like a petty dog! How dare you hold such a weapon!" the Dragon laughed once more.

Ken waffed the smoke away, coughing violently as he did. "Wait, I recognize you. That scar on your eye..... your an exile from the Dragon clan!"

"Shut your mouth Human, or I rip you in pieces right here!"

Ken paused. Nothing more to say but shutter in the cold his body had made. Curse his overactive imagination!

"Now.... now that you have made such a conclusion about my scar, I will make your torture a hundred times worse!" The Dragon scooped up Ken and darted toward the sky before turning back down toward another mountain, toward it's lair.

"HELP ME!" Ken shouted. Voice echoing the entire way. "HELP ME!"

Authors Note: This is not some of my best writing, but thats only because I rushed through it. I wanted to finish the prologue so I can get to work on the real chapters. Ken may or may never be seen again, just a heads up on that character. The Dragon on the other hand, is the main enemy in this story.

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