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The Pokemon Challenge Gen 1

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The Pokemon Challenge Gen 1 Empty The Pokemon Challenge Gen 1

Post by Cana Alberona on Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:59 pm

Hey everyone, I want to announce the start of the Pokemon Challenge Series that I will be sponsoring. The theme for this one will be Generation one games, you can use only games that feature Kanto as the primary region of the game, this includes, Pokemon Fire Red, and Leaf Green, you can use red blue and yellow if you are willing to play without hacking in one pokemon. Below are the rules for this challenge.


- You can only use Generation 1 themed Games listed above.

- You can hack in any ONE pokemon if you can find the proper cheat codes from any of the first three generations.

- You must post status updates with screenshots of your game

- You must defeat the elite four and Pokemon champion using no more than 4 pokemon

- You may not use any Legendary Pokemon at all.

- You can use two HM user pokemon but they can not be used in battle at all, and must be deposited into the PC when not needed.
This rule has been redacted. You may use your party members as HM users now.

- You may also switch pokemon out of your party so long as your battle team only consists of four pokemon at a time.


The first person to finish the challenge will recieve a unique and exclusive user bar made by yours truly.

Everyone else will get a generic user bar with the sprites of their four pokemon on it.

I hope everyone joins in. By the way you'll need an emulator so I'll put up some links.

http://coolrom.com/emulators/gba/14/Visual_Boy_Advance.php This one is for game boy advance emulation, but it can also emulate gameboy games.

http://coolrom.com/roms/gba/14488/Pokemon_FireRed.php Pokemon Fire Red Rom

http://coolrom.com/roms/gba/14251/Pokemon_LeafGreen.php Pokemon Leaf Green Rom

Good Luck trainers!

Cana Alberona
Cana Alberona
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